Anti-ageing Night Cream

Code: 512004.02

Calatog's price: €29.90

  • Collection: Gold Regenesis
  • Capacity: 50ml

Nourishes, moisturises and intensely regenerates the skin whilst reducing wrinkles and modelling the shape of your face while you sleep.

Gold Regenesis Collection is an exclusive line of cosmetics has been created for the skin of the 40+. It was specially designed to successfully combat all visible signs of ageing. The rich formula is packed with the unique active ingredient—bioavailable colloidal gold.

Colloidal Gold
 – an ally in the fight against passing time:
•  stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, contributes to tissue reconstruction and restores natural skin tightness 
•  stimulates microelement exchange in the skin, contributing to its intensive nourishment 
•  restores the natural glow and vitality of the skin 
•  eliminates discolouration and activates natural immune system 
•  eliminates existing wrinkles and prevents formation of new ones